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By James Fleck

Leading a business has never been tougher. Ruthless competition, disintermediation and the ever increasing demands of stakeholders challenge you to be at the top of your game. Unlike most coaches and advisors, I have been there myself, as a senior operating executive at GE, and as the CEO of Camco.
Effective C-level coaching is a real differentiator for you and your team, and yet my observation is that leadership coaches can be inconsistent in quality and that their training and real world experience is often limited. My work is heavily influenced by two people: Jack Welch, who was CEO during my time at GE and who is, in his heart, a passionate HR leader, as well as Manfred Kets de Vries at INSEAD, who is one of the first people to think about organizations through a psychodynamic lens.
I completed two graduate degrees to prepare for this work - a masters diploma in Clinical Organizational Psychology with Manfred at INSEAD, and an MA in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica. I also associated with Knightsbridge Human Capital for five years, building their CEO Advisory Services practice.
CEO Advisory Coaching is a completely individualized service. No two assignments - or client meetings - are the same, and I can draw on experience, leadership models, assessment tools and strategic frameworks that I applied at GE, INSEAD, LEK, Pacifica and Knightsbridge. Most importantly, I am not tied to any particular model, so each assignment can be completely tailored to meet my client's needs. 

Vanilla anyone?

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